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10 Ways to Dazzle Day to Night


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Wedding Favor Guide: What You Need To Know About Wedding Favors

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When guests are invited to a wedding they usually leave with what is called a wedding favor. These are traditionally sugar coated almonds in little net bags with a ribbon tied around them. But these days people are being more unique and creative and starting out with their own design and logo for the wedding favors.

Many people theme their wedding and they usually match the theme of the wedding to the wedding favors for example if you are have a Christmas wedding than your favours could be little snowmen wrapped up as Christmas presents. Many people are avoiding the traditional almond favors and turning to something a little bit more creative.

I have read stories from people who have used long stem silk roses as their favors with their wedding details attached by ribbon; people have used watering cans with tea light candles inside them, couple have bought champagne flutes and had their wedding message inscribed for each guest to take home and others use picture frames with wedding pictures or details inside of them!

The traditional favor is no longer favoured! You can purchase your own wedding favors from specialised shops or over the internet, the internet deals greatly in wedding favors and there is something for everyone, or you can make your own favors and be somewhat creative as to what they will be! The internet provides vast resources for purchasing your wedding favors online; it is cheaper buying on the internet than it is buying in the shops.

Wedding favors are every ones memory of the couples’s special day and most favors are inscribed or printed with details about the wedding, the date, who was married, where they were married and what your part in the wedding was. They are unique gifts that you only get once, so why not try and spice them up a little bit and use some imagination.

Wedding favors are unique to any wedding, so make yours unique beautiful and creative by designing and printing your own wedding favors. It will be cheaper and a lot more fun!

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